Academic Excellence Program

At Tutor Doctor we believe that academic excellence is a combination of a strong academic foundation (Math, Science, Language Arts) and the academic discipline and strategies necessary to achieve excellence.

The Academic Excellence Program covers the four pillars that will help students with strong academic foundation achieve the excellence they need to succeed in college and in life. Hese pillars are:

  1. Advanced Reading
  2. X-Skills TM
  3. Learning Skills
  4. Test Strategies

Advanced Reading

Become a better reader by increasing your speed and improving your comprehension. What takes you two hours to read now, will take you only 15 minutes when you finish this program. Learn critical reading skills and increase your vocabulary. You will become a more effective reader.

  • Read Faster
  • Improve Comprehension
  • Save time
  • Improve Vocabulary
  • Develop Critical Reading Skills


At Tutor Doctor we understand there are two components to academic success – academic foundation building which leads to confidence in the classroom, as well as, academic discipline. We provide support for both and we have a specific tool we integrate into every enrollment which develops the skills students need to be successful.

  • It will help the student acquire the skills they need to be successful for the rest of their lives.
  • It provides structure to the sessions which makes the tutor’s work much effective.
  • It creates efficiency which maximizes the parent’s investment in their student’s education.

Learning Skills

Our Learning Skills Module teaches you to become an active listener, to follow directions, to relax while you are taking test so you can concentrate. We also teach note taking, mapping, and memory skills. Next we help you choose a proper learning environment, so you can use your new studying and test-taking skills.

Ever leave your long term assignment to the last minute…let us assist you with long term planning, research skills and finally break down term papers into a few easy steps.

  • Studying and Test-taking Skills
  • Memory Skills
  • Note-taking Skills
  • Life Habits
  • Tips for Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic students

Test Strategies

Our Test-taking Skills Module teaches you the strategies for taking all types of tests, whether multiple choice, standardized or fill-in the blank questions. Students will learn the 3P of preparation and the PQR of test taking with hundreds of tips that will increase your scores 10-20% on all tests. Prepare for Essay Tests whether it’s for the SAT, Debate Clubs, or in preparation for the universities. Become a real test pro!

  • Planning
  • Practicing
  • Pre Test boot camp
  • Pacing
  • Question strategies
  • Relaxation